Job Title:  Library Media Specialist/Teacher Librarian

Exemption Status/Test: Exempt

Reports to:  Director of Instructional Technology                                                      

Term of Contract:  186 Days

Dept./School:    Instructional Technology                                              


Primary Purpose:

The library media specialist/teacher-librarian designs and executes a comprehensive school

library program that is aligned with the school and district strategic plans as well as state and

national school library and technology standards. (CCCS, AASL, ISTE, Digital Citizenship) As the library program administrator, the school librarian works collaboratively with members of the learning community to define the policies and best practices of the school library program, and to guide and direct all activities related to it.



Education/Certification/Bonding and/or Testing Required:


Special Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

Knowledge, skills, and abilities must be directly connected to performing job functions

Knowledge—an understanding of facts or principles related to a particular subject area

Skills—applied knowledge resulting from a development of abilities through formal training and practical experience.

Abilities—the capacity to develop detailed, specific skills


Prior job-related experience

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Information & Technology Specialist/Manager



Media & Instructional Consultant/Partner

Supervisory Responsibilities;

Library / Media Assistant


Tools/Equipment Used:

Posture: sitting, standing, walking

Motion: Repetitive hand motion, pushing, pulling, twisting, reaching, bending

Lifting: lifting/carrying/reaching/handling 15-25 lbs

Environment: talking/hearing conversations, near/far visual acuity/depth perception and accommodation field of vision.


Location: Schools TBD